J. Notaras & Sons Pty Ltd (Notaras Timbers) began our Sawmilling Operations in 1952 and have been sawmilling in the Grafton region for 57 years. We presently employ 54 people in the production of high quality Hardwood Flooring. Wood Processing Plant

The J Notaras & Sons Pty Ltd Processing Plant at Grafton is a progressive operation committed to sustainable forestry and cooperation with Forests NSW to ensure our operation maximises the yields available from the forest in accordance with all approved Forestry practices.

In addition, J Notaras & Sons Pty Ltd have aggressively pursued a value adding agenda to reinforce our commitment to the NSW Government for the greatest possible value adding.

The Mill currently utilises 24,000 cubic metres of logs producing approximately 8,000 cubic metres of sawn timber per annum. The Notaras Operation adds some $2.5 million annually to the economy of the Clarence Valley Region.