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A family owned and operated business, established by two brothers – Lambrinos (Brinos) and Spiro Notaras, with the help of their father bought the Lawrence Sawmill in 1952.

The business was a hardwood sawmill providing sawn timber products to customers for construction of houses and fencing materials.

1966, the sawmill moved to the current site in Heber Street, South Grafton. They still harvested the logs and had their trucks which mainly delivered timber to Brisbane. Over many years the company supplied hardwood timber for house frames and also manufactured roof trusses.

When the framing market moved to softwood, the company diversified to kiln dried products.

The product line was expanded to include Kilns for kiln drying and Planing Mill for dressing hardwood and the production of Tongue and Groove Flooring.

In 2000 the Planning Mill was extended to value-add more of the sawn by kiln-drying processing contributing to approximately 95% of the company sales and the sawmill cuts material for future value adding in the planning mill.

No material is wasted – all sawdust/shavings and woodchips are either used for fuel in our boiler to produce steam to run our kilns or sold to contractors to use for other applications such as mulch, animal bedding and fuel.

We pride ourselves as one of the largest suppliers of kiln-dried hardwood appearance grade timber in Australia with an extensive product range including T&G flooring, Pencil round timber decking, furniture timber, structural timbers, substantial end section kiln dried step material and our unique laminated hardwood for internal use: Eco-Lam. The products produced by J. Notaras & Sons are for domestic, commercial and renovation markets, distributed around Australia and the world by timber merchants and resellers.

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